​​Nancy Gardner

Motivator Assistant and #1 Mom of month.

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Beautiful Smiles, Beautiful FAMILY .

Do you feel their Power??

Inner power is something we feel we have!! Believing in yourself comes from feeling you are beautiful, thus comes the power.


 Look in the mirror everyday for the next 22 days and say I AM BEAUTIFUL AND TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL... 

For 3 years,

 MothersDaughtersatHeart has devoted its energy too initiate  a creative enviroment for mothers  and daughters.  This unique bond promotes ideas and old fashion fun. We are a non-profit organization in progress too great things!!  We have Team building activities', group jubilations , and life skill lessons. Join our mission and see how you can Embrace, Encourage and Empower other mothers and daughters.


Anita Beard

President and  Creative Initiator

Urgent Projects

2015 (top left) Mother Nancy Gardner and Theresa Romain and daughters enjoying our first meeting in May 2015. 2014 (top right) Our daughters on out way to enjoy our end of program trip at Dorney. 2013 (bottom left Our summer program with daughters at the 12th street church in Allentown, Pa. 2012 (bottom right side)  Daughters sharing a moment with mentor Karen Fox.

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Find your inner power by believing in yourself

Our Mission

MothersDaughters@Heart enjoying in the festivities, 2013, 2014

Nancy and her family enjoying

Rockstar Picture Time